Who are you?

Hello once more! Guess what I did yesterday? I went to buy some tagliatelli yesterday in an Italian supermarket here in Pforzheim. The tagliatelli was almost f#cking wider than the tires on my old starlet! Anyways, made a good pasta out of it yesterday! Once in a while I have to cook you know! I cannot live a whole semester of frozen pizza's can I! Oh, the relation with the sketch? Tagliatelli is flat isn't it, flat to the ground!!
And an other thing, I'd like to know who you are? Yes you, reading my blog out of curiousity or just out of boredom cause you can't find a better blog! Let me know who you are and if you like my blog! ( Oh, and if you could offer me a designjob that would even be better haha! Than you should definately contact me!!! )