one last time random!!!

Yes I am already a few weeks back in Belgium, but before I left I got some of photos of my friends there, cause most of time I am too lazy to take a camera with me ! So I came across a few photos which I wanted to share with you!

Oh, don't dance in front of police officers cause appearantly they don't like it! Lucky for me Chinese police is very friendly, and patient!

Some of the examples of how not to preserve your food!!!
What to do if you want a motorbike but you can't afford it?? Of course, you do it yourself! That's respect! It was often sad to see how poor the people are there, but on the other hand you can only have respect if you see how big the will is to survive and how they keep on trying to achieve a better life over there!

Anyway, that's it for the moment and to those who don't know yet, I am back in Europe!