More Sketches

Yes, it was about time that I put something on here again! Well, I survived Christmas and New Year, I had some smashing parties so I cannot complain at all! Maybe a good thing there were no cameras! Anyway things are still the same here, still as random as can be! I walked the other day into a shop to buy some food and they were selling turtles and frogs, it gave me the creeps! Very sad to see these animals there, they were so packed in there box they couldn't even move!
Anyway on the other hand a few days ago we had an other schumi taxidriver! Driving half the time on the left side ignoring some red lights here and there, very exciting I can tell you! And it saves you definately time! If you wanne move in the traffic here, you have to drive like a maniac!! Oh, yes i added some sketches as well, haha!