BMW sideview

Hello everyone, I tried to translate the previous sketch in to a more realistic proportioned car and here is the result!! No further special news to declare from the Asia side, maybe just one funy story to show you all how cheap some stuff is here.

I went to buy a dvd on the street yesterday, and I did't knew the exact price anymore, I thought it was about 3 euros ( 30 RMB). Anyway, I ask the woman, and she shows her full hand, like 5, and I'm like no no no, and I show 3 like I only wanne pay 3 euros ( 30 RMB). Than the woman shows me a 5 RMB note, telling me she is not selling the DVD's for 3RMB ( get it!?). Well, I felt quiet stupid, so I bought the DVD for 5 RMB ( 0,5 Euros) that's 2,5 euros less than I initially had in mind,Hahaaa!

Oh, I bumped today into a school for magicians in the shoppingcenter!!! Awesome!! ( Or should I say random!) They showed me some cardtricks, damn where they good!!

Anyway, cold greetings from Shanghai!!!