Chinese transport

Chop, chop! Keep up the good work boys! A typical example of traffic in China! How you get to your goal doesn't matter, as long as you get there! Chinese logic is somehow a bit different from European; for example, all brooms are here about 70 cm long, and the light switch of my room is not even in my room but outside in the hallway! Figure that one out!

Oh, here the pride of the nation, the VW santana! Probably the best selling car in China, all taxi's here are Santanas. It is actually a very old model which we used to have in Europe as well, but in the meanwhile it dissapeared in Europe and here it had already many facelifts and, it is still popular! ( And no, I am not drawing the next Santana here, I have to say, we do decent stuff here in the studio!!)