Burnin' rubber!!!

Hello once more!!!

Well, today I had the chance to participate in a driving course to learn more about aqua planing and avoiding obstacles on the road. So we ( me and some other interns) went to the VW testing track here in Shanghai. ( that's one hell of a race track that is!!!) I never ever did so many crazy stunts with a car!!!! We got to drive with a VW polo and and a Skoda oktavia, on first side normal cars, but when you start your first spins with them, you get totally high!!! Avoiding an obstacle at 100km/h , gliding over a slippy surface with and without spinning at 80km, learn to brake with and without abs, man is that a big difference!!! Just imagine to drive at 100km/h, full on the brake, and then make a 4 spins and you'll have a slight clue about what I'm talking here!!!

Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures, cause they where testing some new cars here has well, I can't tell you which ones! Haha!

Greetz Joris