Hello once more

Hello once more,

Where should I start? Well, I managed to find a a room here, looks like I'll be living together with some chinese people for some months! The room looks very nice and I am very happy with it; the kithchen and the bathroom however are not so clean but I can't have it all can I?

Anyway everything is going very well at work, I am happy and every day is a new adventure here! There are always some things which go wrong and it is impossible to control everything here. Trying to explain where you want to go to in a taxi is sometimes a nightmare. Especially when you don't got a map with you or the address written in Chinese! It reminds me here very much of that movie: Lost in Translation. It's a good thing that I have a strong character, and I am able to switch my mind of, cause if you start thinking too much here, then it will go wrong. But with a lazy brain like mine that is definately not a problem! I am going with the flow and enjoying it as much as I can!

Greetz Joris